Tips for finding the right Property Manager

Do you own an investment property in Cairns and need to find a great Property Manager? Or perhaps you are thinking about buying an investment home and will need to have it managed?  The first thing you need to do is find the right person to suit you and your needs.   So how do you find an agent that will help you realise your properties potential and manage your investment to a standard of which you deserve?


1. Get referrals

Talk to real estate agents and other investors about who they would recommend. Ask family and friends about their experiences with their investment homes.  Word of mouth is a really good way to learn about people in the business but keep in mind that referrals can be biased.  


2. Meet several different Property Managers.  

This will help you to separate the good from the bad and to compare different agents. The agent should be professional, approachable, great with communication and most importantly honest. Find someone that is not only a professional and experienced agent, but someone who has empathy and wants to work with your tenants. You need to have someone that can build the level of rapport with your tenant where they feel that they are letting the agent down if anything goes wrong.


3. Do your research 

Before you ask an agent to come and meet you, do your homework. Talk to friends or family that own an investment home, or do some research online.  Have some questions ready before you meet the agent. Your questions should be tailored to your property and your circumstances with expectations on the level of service or tailored solutions you require. Do your own research online to get an idea of what price to expect for your property.  See what similar homes have achieved. A home appraisal should be fair and honest, not an absorbent figure to “wow” you!


4. Ask about marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies are paramount. You can’t rent a secret and an experienced agent should be able to bring marketing techniques including lifestyle based marketing and technology to the table.


5. Find out who will be managing your property

Is the person you are meeting your actual Property Manager? It’s always best to know at the meeting who you are dealing with and not just an attractive women or man who tells you what you want to hear and then you’re left with a stranger!


If you are looking for a Property Manager in Cairns, I would recommend Rent City.  They are dedicated to property management and don't try to divide their time between trying to achieve commissions from sales and managing your property. Property management is all they do and so they are truly experts at it!  Their service far exceeds all their competitors in Cairns!


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